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About Our School


Bear Creek United Methodist Church School was established in June of 1984 and opened classes in September of that year.


Beginning as a three day preschool and Mother’s Day Out, BCUMCS, within the time span of one year, expanded to offer services five days a week. Bear Creek United Methodist Church School offers a Toddler program, a Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4 and  Pre-K 4/5 transition classes.


The weekday ministry of Bear Creek Church is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The program is open to all children, and when possible, modifications are made. All children, regardless of race or ethnic origin are eligible to attend Bear Creek School. Bear Creek is a non-profit organization, governed by a School Board consisting of church members and at large members.


Bear Creek was the vision and dream in the heart and mind of Maetha Smith. She was the first director and BC was blessed to have her leadership for many years. 

Her vision was that BC would be a place where:

  • The children and parents would know that each child is special, accepted and loved unconditionally by God and their teachers.

  • Children were actively involved in learning by hands on, discovery learning.

  • The most important concept that a child develops from his school experience is an excitement and enthusiasm for learning that lasts a lifetime.

  • The natural curiosity of children would be fostered, nurtured and encouraged.

  • Children learn to make friends and learn to be a friend.

  • The foundational skills of literacy, math, science and social studies are taught every single day but are purposefully and intentionally taught in the way that children learn best-through play, through active involvement and interaction with concrete or real objects.

  • Activities, materials, teaching methods and environment are concrete, real things and appropriate to the children’s developmental age.

  • The process, the experience and joy of discovery and exploration is valued over product.

  • There is understanding that the most powerful basic need of children is play. Play is how children this age learn, different from any other age group.

This became known as the Bear Creek Way. For more than thirty years, we have treasured and maintained these standards.

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